Ever been unsure of where your non-profit donation goes? There’s an independent rating system just for this, called GuideStar. It’s an online database of nonprofit organizations for the public to use when evaluating missions and effectiveness. The National Canine Cancer Foundation is proud to have been awarded the Guidestar Silver Seal of Transparency.

When You Support NCCF, You Support Eliminating Cancer In Dogs

“The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a dog charity that strives to eliminate cancer in dogs. We save lives through prevention, more accurate and cost-effective diagnostic methods as well as better treatments which will diminish the number of dogs who are suffering from cancer.”

All dogs need us.

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You should always evaluate whether a non-profit organization is worthy of your support. Not only do you get peace of mind that you’re helping to do good in the world, but you also get a better understanding of how an organization uses its funds to do so. The National Canine Cancer Foundation takes its responsibility of using donations to do the most possible good very seriously and endeavors to be transparent in all that we do.

Guidestar Silver Seal of Transparency

People look to GuideStar to make decisions about charitable giving. The Guidestar Seals of Transparency are on a scale based on what information the organization provides. The levels are:

  • Bronze – Basic information
  • Silver – Program information and brand details
  • Gold – Financials and people information
  • Platinum – Goals and the difference the organization is making

Each level adds another layer of information, such as program descriptions, financial information, target population demographics, and strategic plans.

Nonprofits must start by earning Bronze and make their way up to Platinum. We’re proud to be Silver!

By attaining a Silver certification, more than 10 million GuideStar users can find in-depth information about The National Canine Cancer Foundation. So, you can feel confident donating to the cause with our Guidestar Silver Seal of Transparency! Check out our Guidestar profile here.

Transparency for Nonprofits For Animals

The National Canine Cancer Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in dogs. To help us achieve this, we strive to be a transparent non-profit. This means we’re open about how we use your hard-earned donations. Our funds go directly to education, outreach, and research to maximize the impact on the canine community, and those who love their dogs. Our Silver GuideStar rating is proof that we’re doing all we can with what we’re given.

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