Mark Sullivan of Argentine Township remembers very well the last day on earth that he was able to spend with his dog, Brandy, a German shepherd who was 10½ years old at the time and riddled with cancer and arthritis.

“I stayed home from work and called the vet in the morning,” said Sullivan. “Sandy (Dr. Sandy Smith of Animal Health Clinic) couldn’t come to the house until the end of the day. I wondered how I was going to wait all day long.

“But it was the greatest day I ever had with that dog,” said Sullivan. “We did everything — a short walk, a ham sandwich, a plain McDonald’s hamburger. It was her day. We got to pet her and kiss her while they injected her. She was gone in an instant and then I cried my heart out.”

Sullivan’s deep emotions regarding the day his dog was euthanized strikes a familiar chord with just about anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet to euthanasia — commonly known as “putting a dog to sleep.” …Click here to read full story