NCCF: Founders Circle

We are the Cure Canine Cancer Foundation Founders Circle LogoHi, I am Gary Nice, who along with my wife, are the co-founders of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. I am making available this short message to a very select few who have made a commitment to be part of the cure.

We started the NCCF back in 2006.  And during that time, we have had a chance to meet a lot of great and loyal supporters. And over these 15 years, we have been able to fund $741,000 dollars of cancer research grants, educated nearly a million dog owners struggling to understand how to help their dogs with cancer and to reach out to those who have lost their dogs to cancer and give them support.  And with a projected 6.5 million new cases of cancer in dogs this year, there are a lot of people who will need our information and experience.

A main source of our donations has always come from larger live events in various cities.  And in 2020, we were not able to hold any of these events and so far in 2021 we still have not been able to hold them.  The NCCF needs to replace the donation dollars that have been lost when the live events were shut down across the country.

We would like to invite you, as someone who has donated to us before, to become a member of the Founder’s Circle.

Members of the Founder’s Circle will be able to affect some great changes in canine cancer.

  • Fund more grants which will allow the scientists to complete important work that will result in dog owners having access to new treatments and cures.
  • It will allow us to add more information to our education program. When we look at our Google Analytics the Canine Cancer Library is always the top pages people search for on our website.  Your help would give more dog lovers access to more information including videos from researchers and Veterinarians.  All giving our supporters the information they need to help them with their beloved dog or dogs.

This is not an offer to the general public or our total database of supporters.  This is specific to a select few.

If you want to join me in fighting cancer in dogs on a grander scale, then I am asking you to click on the link Founder’s Circle.  It will take you to a special giving page.  Additionally, on that page I’m sharing with everyone in the Founder’s Circle, my private email address and cell phone number in case you have any questions or want more information.

I hope you will be moved to become a bigger part of the cure.

Remember – Together, We Are The Cure

Gary D. Nice
Co-Founder and President
National Canine Cancer Foundation