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Local Chapters

Thank you for your interest in opening a chapter of National Canine Cancer Foundation in your area. Our organization has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last several years, and it is mostly because of the strength and dedication of our supporters. In response to the numerous requests, we have had decided to move forward our timetable for creating Local Chapters of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a NCCF Chapter Coordinator, please read the following information carefully.

Quick check list of how to start a Local Chapter

  1. Contact the National Canine Cancer Foundation via our contact form or call 866-262-0542. 
  2. Round up three to five volunteers in your area who are interested in starting a Local Chapter. This is the core team. It may also be smart to arrange one or more informal sessions prior to creating a local chapter to see if there is enough local interest to start a local chapter. You need 10 volunteers to petition for Chapter status. 
  3. Write a tentative plan for future meetings and other chapter activities to present at your initial meetings include fundraising ideas, potential guest speakers for your chapter and other ways to raise awareness to canine cancer. 
  4. Organize a constituting meeting with at least ten people that currently are, or are prepared to become volunteers and support the Local Chapter. Apetition should be signed at the meeting (with each name printed or typed next to the signature) by at least ten members requesting to be recognized as a local Chapter of National Canine Cancer Foundation. 
  5. Create a name for the Chapter that reflects the boundaries of the Chapter. The geographic boundaries are formally approved by the National Canine Cancer Foundation and may be changed from what you initially propose in the petition. The name is usually constructed using a centrally located town or the name of the region. The formal name should also include a reference to the NCCF. A formal name would look something like “The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation” or “The Bay Area Chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation”. Chapter names are often shortened for easier reference. 
  6. Submit the Petition to the National Canine Cancer Foundation for approval. 

Chapter Locations

The National Canine Cancer Foundation chapters are geographically based. Please check our Chapter Listings to see if there is already a chapter in your area. Chapters are not based or limited to groups such as guilds, churches or clubs. Surrounding chapters will be consulted before new chapters in close proximity will be opened.

Please note: There are many important things to consider when thinking of becoming a National Canine Cancer Foundation chapter coordinator. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about our mission, and willing to follow procedures, which can be time consuming. Basic organizational and computer skills are required. An ability to work well with people is a must. You are the representative of the National Canine Cancer Foundation! If that sounds like you, then we are anxious to hear from you! However if you are mostly interested in becoming volunteer for one of the NCCF chapters – please contact your nearest chapter for more information.

Chapter Coordinator Responsibilities

A NCCF Chapter Coordinator is the representative of National Canine Cancer Foundation for a local chapter in a given area. Each Chapter Coordinator is responsible for all administrative duties pertaining to the chapter. These include among other things:

  • Finding volunteers in your community.
  • Establishing relationships with businesses within the community.
  • Local fundraising.
  • Be able to commit at least 5 hours per week on a volunteer basis, mainly in your own time except when at scheduled events.
  • Have a long term interest in being involved in our organization.
  • Be a good team leader who understands community, and personal dynamics
  • Be able to delegate and manage effectively
  • Nonprofit and/or promoter experience ideal but not essential
  • Computer and internet skills required, with experience in social networking discussion lists and mailing list management.
  • Great on time management and willingness to run consistent events and duties.
  • Insuring that the Local Chapter shall follow all rules and regulations for an organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all law applicable to nonprofit organizations and if the Chapter is organized outside the United States, any law applicable to charitable organizations in the country in which the Chapter is organized.
  • Handling correspondence for the chapter between the chapter and volunteers, and the chapter and NCCF National Headquarters. Email must be checked and phone calls returned on a DAILY basis. 
  • Adhering to all NCCF reporting requirements which include quarterly reports of chapter activity, annual reports and others (all reporting is done directly to NCCF National Headquarters – not to federal and state agencies).
  • Adhering to NCCF FOUNDATION financial policies and reporting requirements.

If you are interested in joining or starting a chapter in your area and/or applying to be a Chapter Coordinator, Please fill out this contact form

Form to Start of Local Chapter

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For more information please reveiw our F.A.Q.’s