My name is Bandit, and I’m a survivor. I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in 2012. The vets at home said I didn’t have long to live without an operation on my nose to remove the tumor. The bad news was that I would have to go to Colorado Animal Hospital -CSU to have the operation. My mom was a mess, and my sister was out of the country. But they made arrangements to get me down to CSU. With much jetlag, my sister came home and took me and mom to CSU. They said that with the surgery I would be just fine. After some agony on mom and sister’s part they decided to go a head and do the surgery. This is my cute little face now. After the surgery, mom and sister beat themselves up over the decision. Had they done right by me? Were they being selfish? These were questions that they asked when judge-y people came to visit and saw me. But I’m really happy. I get to play, and sleep on the couch in front of the AC, and I get all kinds of treats! Mom doesn’t care that my black nose is missing, sister doesn’t care that my black nose is missing. And now I get to write to sick children in local hospitals in Colorado and encourage them while they are sick. I don’t have any top teeth anymore, but I still don’t mind smiling!