A sweet rescue dog is getting a life-saving cancer treatment at a hospital that usually houses only people. At just two years old, Rosie has touched more hearts and logged more miles than most dogs do in a lifetime. Diagnosed with lymphoma, Rosie needed more than the typical chemotherapy treatment. She needed a cure.

This spring, Save An Angel of New Orleans raised enough money to get Rosie from a shelter in Louisiana to the Canadian border for a new treatment, a bone marrow transplant and targeted radiation at the Bellingham Vet Clinic in Washington.

RosieRosie is receiving a new form of treatment with the hopes curing her lymphoma (Photo: WDSU)

But to get the new radiation, Rosie needed another hospital- one only open to people. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle administered the radiation. And they’re following Rosie’s results, because lymphoma is almost identical to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas, which occur in humans.

“What we are hoping for is that she will be cured of her lymphoma by this procedure, and if she is, that will start to open the door for other dogs and for people to have the same treatment,” veterinarian Ed Sullivan says, Rosie’s cancer is in remission.

Brittany Kemp cared for Rosie at Bellingham. Following her treatment, Brittany adopted Rosie and brought her home to her ten acre farm.

Save An Angel hopes to repeat Rosie’s story with more donations, helping more dogs who need life-saving cancer treatment.

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