Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day for dogs? Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to show our canine companions we care. After all, they show us unconditional love all year long. Take your pick from these 10 V-Day ideas which can work well for anyone, whether you’re single or you and your sweetheart want to spend some time with your pooch on this special day.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference to your furry friend. Turn quality time into unforgettable fun for your pup and your bond will be even stronger. In just one day, you can make memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s our list of ideas to help you make the day truly meaningful for your pooch.

Prepare a Gourmet Dinner

When we think of spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone, we often conjure up images of a romantic dinner at home or a restaurant. Have you ever thought of sharing a fancy dinner with your pet? You can have a cozy night at home with your pup, treating him to dog-friendly recipes. There are lots of these recipes online nowadays so you can make something really tasty completely from scratch. It’s nice to know exactly what’s going into the food your dog will eat, even if it’s just for that one day. You can go the whole nine yards with a memorable menu of gourmet meals or you can look for recipes that are delicious yet simple to prepare. Either way, it’s like having a date night with your dog! Maybe this trial run will encourage you to prepare canine-ready food more often.

Order Handcrafted Treats

If you want to see Rover’s tail wag but you don’t have time to spend in the kitchen preparing anything, why not order handcrafted treats online from a doggie bakery? You may be a dog parent who is concerned about what’s going into treats that aren’t homemade, so it might help to know that some canine-friendly bakeries specialize in all natural ingredients. Whichever source you choose, it’s a nice idea to give your pet something out-of-the-ordinary to eat once in a while.

Anything food oriented is perfect for Valentine’s Day for dogs.  If you do isn’t as food motivated as some, keep reading, we have something for every pup!

Have a Movie Night

Get comfy on the couch and snuggle up with your pup for a movie night at home. If you’re single and were planning to spend Valentine’s Day in front of the TV anyway, this is a better alternative. Why spend the night alone when you enjoy the company of a faithful friend? Couples, too, can share their planned movie night with their pet. And you’re not limited to “The Lady & the Tramp” or “101 Dalmatians”. Netflix, for example, has loads of dog-friendly movies so you’re sure to find a flick you’ll all enjoy.

Valentine's t-shirt with dog nose print and cute border collie

Make a Paw Print

Dog parents consider their pets to be members of the family. There’s no doubt you’ve captured them in photos but a paw print is a fun way to immortalize them.

The first step is to get a feel for your dog’s level of comfort with the process. Petting their paws to soothe them is likely to be helpful and make sure you’re calm too.

To get the imprint, you can use washable or finger paints, homemade dough, or ink. You can also find paw print kits online.

Have a Photo Shoot

You may have random photos of your pooch, but nothing beats a well-planned yet fun-filled photo shoot. You can set aside time on Valentine’s Day to take a series of adorable photos of your dog’s goofiest moments or showing your pet’s playful personality in a specific setting or using a theme.

Beforehand, for inspiration, you can select some of the cutest photos you’ve come across and choose props that will be social-media ready. If you find the right statue or quiet spot in the park, the backdrop will be all you need. Of course, it’s a good idea to reward your pet with treats for being such a good sport.

Top Ten Valentine's Day Ideas to Make Your Dog Feel Special

Give Your Dog a Massage

Pet parents know how relaxing a massage can be for humans but may not have considered making their pooch feel like he’s at the spa. Of course, dogs love it when you pet them but they’ll sure appreciate it if you research canine massage techniques and try them out. Doggie massages typically all the time combine strokes and concentrated kneading of the tissue. You might find it relaxes both you and your dog.

Some amazing tools are also available to take these massages to another level. Your attentiveness will not go unnoticed and we’re sure you’d agree that your loyal companion deserves it.

A dog massage can be particularly soothing and for dogs that are older or have aching joints as a result of arthritis. For any dog, a massage boosts circulation and increases calmness.

A Quick Training Session

Contrary to the popular saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whatever your dog’s age, he will enjoy learning something new or experiencing a new challenge. Stumped for ideas? Turn to YouTube and make sure you have some treats handy. You’ll be surprised to see a simple trick may be the most entertaining thing you and your four-legged friend have tried in a while.

If you think a challenge is more your dog’s speed than a new trick, you can browse the internet for brain teasers. All you typically need is some type of homemade item, made from materials you have lying around, like old tennis balls or a tug toy crafted from a worn-out T-shirt. Tricks and challenges are mentally stimulating and great outlets for your dog’s excess energy.

Play in the Snow

Just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you and your pet can’t get outside and play. If there happens to be snow on the ground on Valentine’s Day, dogs can use it very creatively if given half the chance.

You don’t have to give up on playing fetch when temperatures drop. Instead of chasing a tennis ball, your dog might enjoy chasing a snowball, even if she may be confused about where it disappears to when it lands in the snow. Speaking of things that are hidden in the snow, your pet might enjoy playing fetch with sticks and you can help her find them, while she digs in the snow to her heart’s delight.

Would you believe a snowball fight is another option? Don’t throw snowballs at your pup though. Instead have a snowball fight with your partner or friend and let your dog have fun trying to intercept!

Have Some Indoor Fun

Maybe it’s so cold outside that you prefer to stay in. Your dog can still get lots of exercise indoors if you play well-loved games like hide and seek in the house or set up an obstacle course for some Valentine’s Day fun. If your dog has short legs or is short-haired, he’ll appreciate being inside in the winter.

Constructing an obstacle course is easier than you might think. For example, if you line up two rows of chairs back-to-back, leaving enough space for your dog to run between them, presto, you’ve got a tunnel!

Want to set up hurdles? A small foot-stool will be a breeze for larger dogs to jump over, while smaller dogs may need to be taught to step onto the stool and then down the other side.

A zig zag obstacle course may be the most fun of all. Lead your pet through a row of small obstacles on the ground, like boxes, chairs, or even shoes and then let her zig zag down the line on her own. Spending the day indoors will be anything but boring.  What a happy Valentine’s Day for your dog!

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Donate in Your Dog’s Name

A donation may be the best Valentine’s gift you can give to dogs. Why not give to the rescue organization you found your sweet pup in or a charity, like the National Canine Cancer Foundation, in your pup’s name? There’s no better way to make the day special both for your pet and dogs in need. Whether you want to support a dog rescue group or a canine health charity, your pet’s name will be immortalized, forever associated with a generous gesture.

Key Takeaways

We should never take our dog’s unconditional love for granted. They do so much for us every day, showing us affection and even concern when they detect something may be wrong. On Valentine’s Day when the focus is on love, the least we can do is show them our appreciation. From dinner to baked treats, a movie night or a photo shoot, we’ve provided ideas to suit any dog’s personality and preferences. Our options also help pet parents to find a Valentine’s Day activity that is easy for them to set in motion. Got snow? Then make the most of it. Don’t want to venture outside? There’s an indoor idea to help you make your pooch happy. The point is that on this special day and beyond we hope you find a way to celebrate the love you and your canine companion share.

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