Do you remember how it feels to have to live with the canine cancer diagnosis every day? I remember a myriad of emotions from great sadness to concern to anger and great worry.  We are not even the ones who feel the pain of cancer, physically, but as good pet parents, we do go through a lot.  It is a hard time, trying to decide on a course of treatment, hearing the heavy breathing and not being greeted by the happy face and wagging tail of your favorite fur friend.

Living With Canine Cancer-02It has been almost three years since our last Golden passed away from cancer, but I do remember each of the 7 diagnosis and all of the feelings that went with each one.  During this time, it was wonderful to have such great friends, dog friends who really understood and helped us through all of it from diagnosis to too much wine in mourning the loss and then the celebration of their life.

In working for the NCCF – we spend a lot of days reading and responding to everyone who has just started down this hard journey or who are facing an empty home from the loss and our losses are brought to the surface again as we share and try to help them through it.  We are proud though that there is now a community of people who are willing to come and comfort, help and share the good times and bad with each other.  Our dogs and the joy of who they were and how they brought such joy to our life is constantly brought up again and again.  That community is on our Facebook page:

If you haven’t visited the page, please check it out.  This is another way that you can join the fight against canine cancer. And share it with everyone you know who needs it.

Please don’t forget about your monetary donations as well, they are the main driver of the fight against canine cancer.  Over the past month we have inspired 50 people to become new CORE members. Our CORE Members believe in our motto, Together, We Are The Cure, as they make a monthly commitment to help. Join them and Join us in the fight against canine cancer.

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By Sara Nice • Co-Founder, NCCF