Who said bucket lists were just for people?

When the Ledford family adopted a St. Bernard named Odin in November 2017, they were overjoyed to welcome him into their family. But months later their feelings turned to sadness when they were given the news that their 4-year-old had bone cancer.

“I lost my mom to cancer. My wife lost her parents as well,” Jeff Ledford said. “I think that’s why God chose my wife and family ’cause she could give him the best of what life he has left.”

According to New Jersey 101.5, Bobbie Jo spotted the lump on Odin’s leg in March 2018 and brought her beloved dog to the vet. She was told Odin had osteosarcoma—bone cancer—and there were two options.

Doctors could amputate the St. Bernard’s leg, though that would be difficult for a dog of his size. Alternatively, Odin could receive chemotherapy, which would only buy him so much time. …to read full story click here

Source: The Epoch Times