Forever Faithful is a documentary film exploring the eternal bonds that exist between humans and their dogs and the important advances being made in the field of canine cancer.  The screening is free and open to the public.

Ruiz is a documentary filmmaker and dog-lover based in Los Angeles, Calif. Her first documentary, Black Beauty Breed, profiled the Rottweiler and highlighted their intelligence and history as a working dog. During the filming of Black Beauty Breed, Ruiz learned that the Rottweiler and other large breed dogs are prone to bone cancer.  She was deeply affected when her own dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and created the film Forever Faithful to help raise canine cancer awareness and support canine cancer research initiatives.

“This film highlights the advances being made in the field of canine cancer and the extraordinary veterinary treatments available to dogs,” stated Ruiz. “Several dogs are introduced in the film and their stories of resilience, survival and service to their communities will delight dog fans everywhere.” …Click here to read full story