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Survivor Stories

These days dealing with canine cancer can be frightening. You have statistics. You have your Veterinarian explaining what the cancer can do and what the prognosis is.

We believe at times like this, one also needs HOPE. It’s our belief that the survivor stories on these pages will give you just that, HOPE that your sweet pup can win the battle.

Together, We Are The Cure

Would you like to share your survivor story for our supporters to give them hope.  If so please email us at and please send your dogs story, name, your name and a picture.

 Thank you 

 Gary Nice
Founder and President of the NCCF

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Makayla ‘s Story

By Angela Rhodes

Makayla was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2010. My Labrador Maurea gave her a blood transfusion. After three days at the vet she was able to come home. After 3 years she finally went into remission. Every day with Makayla is a gift from God. I cherish the kisses I get from her everyday.


Opal’s Story

By sarah

Opal was found to have a mast cell lump on May 13th 2013 we had it removed and she has been cancer free ever since I am so thankful for everyday I get with her


Cody’s Story

By Angie

Cody is a fawn 8 year old Mastiff and he has been in remission for 15 months. He was only given 4-6 months to live so we are very grateful he is still with us. Cody had a tumor in his cheek which was histiocytic sarcoma. We did 2 rounds of radiation then 6 rounds of chemo. Today, Cody is doing great and enjoying life with his Bullmastiff brother Khabi and Coonhound sister Copper.


Miley ‘s Story

By Brooke

At just a year old, Miley was diagnosed with cancer. Her odds did not seem to be in her favor, but we went ahead with treatment. The doctors said they had not seen any dogs surpass 2 years after treatment. Just last month Miley turned 5 years old!! She has beat the odds and is the happiest puppy I have ever seen!!


Sadie Girl’s Story

By Ginny

My Saide was Diagnosed with Lymphoma at the young age of 1 1/2. Ill never forget that day. It was Thanksgiving 2012. I have never felt so emty in my whole life, My baby was sick and possibly dieing. I had to come to terms with it and fight with her. We went to the best oncologist in our town and he was amazing. She was put into remission right away and now almost two years still in full remission. I cant bare the the thought of ever losing my baby girl at a young age, i wanted to give her the best full and long life i could possibly could. My prayers are that she stays in remission and we can have around for years to come. I love you Sadie with all my heart…. Love Mom


Maggie’s Story

By Olivia

My little cancer survivor was my dog Maggie. she had cancer for about 2 weeks before she showed that was hurting.Such a trooper! the day we found out,we were so sad. on Tuesday, July 19th, we had to put Maggie to sleep because the cancer was effecting her breathing and weakened her legs, she could barely walk on that Tuesday. That’s why my little cancer survivor was my dog BFF Maggie.


Kody’s Story

By Rosemarie

My Dog Kody a 10 1/2 year old white german shepherd was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma of the heart and received surgery on October 4th, 2014. He has since received 5 rounds of chemo and has done remarkedly well with the treatments. He has been on the I’m Yunity capsules since surgery. We are entering Month 6 with this disease and while I am thankful for everyday with him, in the back of my mind Im always wondering if this is my last day with him.


Tucker’s Story

By Dena H

Tucker is a bichon and a puppy mill rescue we adopted in 2008. He is now 8 years old and has a few benign tumors and warts on his body. A new growth appeared recently and the vet agreed it was “suspicious and concerning”. Tucker had surgery the following week in which the growth was removed and biopsied. The vet called me with the news that the growth was cancer. I felt I had been punched in the stomach and began to cry. All my children are grown, so Tucker is my “baby”. Thankfully, Tucker had another visit and it was confirmed that all his margins are clear, and for now is cancer free. We don’t know if he will get it again, but he has been so amazing and such a happy guy after surgery and during his recovery, that we are enjoying every day we have together.


Iris Irie Blue Devaney’s Story

By Mary Devaney

My Iris has hemangiosarcoma. A tumor on her spleen ruptured 10 days ago. There were no symptoms. She been healthy for all of her nine years. She survived the surgery and complications, but has been giving a short time to live. Now, I am looking for other persons with information on this disease. I am looking for hope.