Friends Are the Cure

We have been inspired by many of our supporters who have wanted to do more in the name of their dog. This inspiration has helped us to create something special for our website. It is simply called Friends. And they are Personal Pages for your dogs!

You can also use the page to raise money for Canine Cancer Research in the name of your dog. I know for myself it is a great feeling for me when I see people donating to the NCCF because of my dogs. It makes me feel like they are still here with me and it is a powerful way to keep them in our life.

On the Personal Fundraising Pages you can:

  • Create the page in the name of your dog
  • Tell your story
  • Post pictures
  • Take donations in memory of your dog
  • Once your page has been created, you can send the link to all your friends and family

“I believe it will be a healing moment for you to see friends and family donate money in your dog’s name and to read all the messages of encouragement they can post on your page.”  Gary Nice – Founder and CEO of the National Canine Caner Foundation

Your personal fundraising page can be in memorial of one or more dogs that you have lost to Cancer or your personal fundraising page could be in your name, your family or a loved one you have lost to Cancer.

Business’s can also create a fundraising page. With this page, businesses can use it as a fun and important avenue for their employees to get involved with a charity or to show their clients how committed they are to fighting Cancer in dogs.

Dog related organizations and clubs can use it as a way for their members to raise money for canine Cancer research.

We are sure there are many other ways people and groups can use these personal fundraising pages to help fund canine Cancer research.

Top Ten Friend's Pages

  Raised          Name of Page
#1     $43,864        Tyler
#2    $28,949         Bailey’s Benefit
#3    $24,281        Smile for a Cure
#4    $23,111        Kamp Kitty Paws for the Cause
#5    $21,786        S. NY Chapter/Dallas Page
#6    $9,000          Pawz 4 A Cause
#7    $8,922          We Bite Back/Love on a Leash LLC
#8    $7,224          Rada
#9    $7078           Skyler & Kiara
#10  $6,685          Scarface


Tips for creating your page:

After you have created the basic page, click on the edit link within the newly created page to enter your personal story and add pictures.

There are two ways to add your pictures. You can add one main picture that sets in the top left of the page simply by clicking on the edit link within the newly created page. This is also where you can write your personal story. You may also add pictures to your personal story.  If you would like to see samples or get ideas on how to create a page CLICK HERE to look at all the various Friends pages that have been created.

To put pictures into your personal story I recommend you go to the FAQ’s to learn how to add pictures to your personal story.

Once you have created your personal message and added all your pictures and decided on how much you want to raise, your Personal Page is ready. Now all you need to do is send the link to your page to all your family and friends so they can donate directly on your page.

PLEASE NOTE: The NCCF Friends pages fund cancer research for dogs. They are NOT FOR FUNDING INDIVIDUAL CANCER TREATMENTS FOR YOUR DOG.  If you are looking for funding for your dog’s treatment you can try contacting or the Magic Bullet Fund. Both organizations are set up specifically to handle individual cancer treatment of dogs. We hope that you and your canine companion are able to find a treatment that provides many more days together.