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There are many ways to share a quiet moment with your pet. I recommend using your Labrador retriever as a pillow. Flop down next to him on the kitchen floor, nestle your head on one of his broad haunches and just … be.

This is how I communed with Dexter.

Our family’s beloved black Lab had a slightly exotic origin story. In the late 1990s my wife, Carla, and I promised a retriever to our daughters. But we lived in Tokyo, where I was a Tribune correspondent, and the logistics were impossible. For one thing, a big American dog was as rare in Japan as a big American car. In 2000, though, we moved to Beijing, where the tight-knit expatriate community included Julie, an American veterinarian. She helped us through several tragic experiments with local bunnies and chicks. She also cared for Liu Liu, a pint-sized Tibetan spaniel who found his way to us. …Read full story at Chicago Tribune →

Source: Chicago Tribune