About the NCCF:

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
Petra Ford $20 "In memory of Cash Sperry. You will always be loved and missed! Dawn and Steve",
Kathy Fardy $527 "Thinking of you Tyler!",
Kathy Fardy $473 "Thank you to all who keep buying these wonderful dog beds so a donation can be made in honor of Tyler Ford!!!",
Kathy Fardy $966
Kathy Fardy $400 ""Donation from the proceed of the Fleece Dogs Beds. Thank you all who keep supporting this cause to help Canine Cancer.",",
Kathy Fardy $900 "Donation from the proceed of the Fleece Dogs Beds. Thank you all who keep supporting this cause to help Canine Cancer.",
Lisa Donnarumma $50 "In honor of the incredible Tyler Ford and for my Caya, who was just operated on after cancer cells were found near her eye",
Petra Ford $20
Petra Ford $100 "In memory of Murphy. Gone much to soon.",
Petra Ford $10 "For sales of cards by Leslie Sweet Berkowitz",
Petra Ford $25 "Sale of cards by Leslie Sweet Berkowitz. Thank you!",
Petra Ford $100 "In Memory of John. Tyler's breeder and fan, mentor, friend. You are greatly missed.",
Irma Shanahan $25
Petra Ford $133 "Raised at recent raffle fundraiser in memory of Tyler.",
Petra Ford $1174 "Raised during early April 2015 fundraisers",
Laurie Nastas $75 "Here's hoping we find cures and treatments for all the special Tylers in the world who have touched our lives, made them better, and gave so much more to us than we have ever given them.",
Petra Ford $6933 "Donations collected from Fundraiser held late March 2015.",
Denise Whitfield $150 "In Memory of Petra's amazing Tyler and many other fabulous dogs taken too soon by this horrible disease. Thank you Petra and all those still committed to fund raising to find a cure. I'm with you!",
Judy B Linker $25 "Silent Auction",
Petra Ford $2776 "Donations collected from March 2015 Fundraisers.",
Kerry Allison $85 "For auction items #305 & #317.",
Petra Ford $500 "Money raised by Barbara Heeseman. Great Job Barbara!!! Thank you!!",
Antonia Rotelle $400
Carisa Adams $10 "With love for the The National Canine Cancer Foundation. Go Team Buckeye! What a great cause.",
Petra Ford $100 "For My Tyler and Robin",
Susan Bricker $55
Cathleen Brooks $215 "Keep searching for a cure, too many great dogs lost too soon! Auction #101 and #512.",
Deb Jackson $80
Katherine Shogren $35
Debra Roseman $220 "(Auction!) In memory of my dearly departeds Hannah and Dakota... taken way too soon by this awful disease.",
Kimberly Ward $40 "Thank you for running such a great auction! Your dedication to this cause is awesome!",
Jennifer Evans $60 "Online auction",
Judy B Linker $270 "Silent auction",
anonymous $55
Betty Mae DeHart $42 "Online silent auction #'s 310 & 311 In memory of Tyler",
Barbara LaFurge $150 "In Memory of Maddie Brennan. Silent Auction Items 102, 302, 702.",
Marlana Loden $75 "Donating in honor of Tyler and all the brave dogs who have battled cancer.",
Bob Fullum $50 "Great job once again ladies for a wonderful evening at the fundraiser for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.",
Kristin Stokes $76 "For Petra's Ty!!!",
Cathy Hivner $50 "In memory of my Sheltie Becca who died from hermangio sarcoma on 12/17/14.",
Kristin Stokes $50 "In memory of Tyler Ford and Chase.",
Jane Bronson & Elliot Kaplan $50 "In memory of dogs past and in honor of dogs present.",
Elliot Kaplan $50 "In memory of Wrigley the Lab, in my very, very biased view, he was the best buddy on the planet.",
Judy B Linker $100 "In loving memory of Gussie B Russell, Oliver, and Joan Luckhardt.",
JUDY KAPLAN $100 "In memory of Wrigley, Tyler's son. Beloved companion of Elliot's. No one could ask for a better dog.",
Bonnie Smorado $25 "$25 donation in memory of Tyler and support of "Team Buckeye Challenge"",
Kimberly Ward $10 "In memory of Orion and all the dogs who have been lost to cancer.",
Cathy Brooks $50 "Looking forward to the second annual fundraising event on 3/21/15, hoping we can help beat canine cancer. Thinking of too many great dogs lost to this disease....Tyler, Maddie and so many others.",
Hank Hahn $50 "In memory of all those taken from us far too early.",
Linda Andrews $100 "In memory of my wonderful heart dog, Tug, and all the others we've lost",
Leslie Stanley $10 "In memory of Tyler and my Rival and the countless other dogs lost to cancer.",
Barbara Carlson $500
Barbara Carlson $500
Lauri Austin & Marc Stumbo $50 "In memory of Tyler and our beloved Weimaraner, Dylan.",
Betty Mae DeHart $50 "In Memory of Tyler Ford!",
Becky Janicek $50 "In loving memory of our beloved border collies, Kelly and Jett. We miss them every day.",
Sue Peppes $100 "Looking forward to honoring all the dogs whose lives were cut too short by canine cancer, especially Tyler and Luka!",
Diane & Art Kramer $100 "In memory of Tyler and our beloved Luka. We miss him every day!",
Joanne O'Brien $75 "The fight for Canine Cancer is important, every donation helps. Tyler was a very special, his legacy will live for ever and ever. Tyler's family is very proud of him.",
Kathy Hetfield & Allen Cappuccio $75 "In memory of my Dad, Tyler. I love you and miss you very much. Ally",
Jerrie Champlin $150 "In honor of Tyler and our beloved dogs Benny and Chewy also lost to hemangioscarcoma.",
Ann Smorado $75 "$50 for the fundraiser in memory of Tyler, Sonny, Roscoe, Andie, and Caleb + $25 from an anonymous donor in support of Team Buckeye's challenge.",
Barbara LaFurge $50 "In Memory of my sweet girl Casey and all my friends dogs that lost their beloved dogs to cancer.",
Heather Lampman $100 "I'm making this donation in memory of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sonny, lost to lymphoma in April 2014, as part of Ann Smorado's Team Buckeye.",
Bob & Roseann Fullum $100 "In loving memory of my Daddy Tyler - Rhumbline's Count Zorro Seal The Deal CD BN RA",
Terry Papineau $50 "For Tyler and my two sweet boys Java and Spree",
Christy Dyke $50 "Everytime I walk into the show ring with Ozzie I think of Tyler... Tyler is never forgotten.",
Deborah D'Auria $50 "In memory of Petra's "Tyler", our wonderful Black Lab "Bo", and "Chester", Debbie and Don's 15 yr. old Chocolate Lab.",
Ronald & Sara Steele $50
anonymous $1450
Jeni Mellinger $20 "In Memory of Windyglen's Double Time WRCH, ORC, RchX, RN aka Cadence. Still miss you my silly CaCa.",
Ann Smorado $10 "Donation in memory of Pembroke Welsh Corgi, "Sonny" - Crisis Response Dog. He spent a year at Chardon High School after the shootings. He was lost too soon to cancer last spring.",
Dr. Ward Falkner $50 "In memory of Tyler - one half of one of the most outstanding teams in competition obedience - EVER! Poetry in motion - Petra and Tyler.",
Andrae Kipin $250 "In loving memory of all our best friends and family lost this year.",
Linda Brennan $150 "In memory of my Maddie. It's been a year, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her and that she doesn't influence me for the better. Every day is a gift...",
Tara Bauer-Williamson $75
Cathleen Brooks $100 "Thanks for the great Christmas photos! We need to continue to find a cure for Canine Cancer. Too many dogs lost too soon.",
William Motherway $100
Petra Ford $200 "In honor of Tyler and ALL the dogs we have lost to canine cancer.",
Elisa Calabrese $50
Kristine Conway $500
Barbara LaFurge $100 "In memory of all the dogs lost to cancer.",
Carol Black $100
Lisa Donnarumma $100 "In honor of my Dad, Tyler Ford - Capt Jack",
Petra Ford $100 "In honor of Snickers, taken to soon We miss you little buddy.",
Rick Pearcy $100 "What an amazing beautiful loving animal even in his passing he pays it forward and still continues to touch and have an impact on so many lives. This is for you TY YOU WILL BE MISSED .What a huge footprint you have left. I will never forget the impact he had on my life and a hope a cure is found soon so many beautiful animals taken to soon.",
Petra Ford $100 "In Honor of Spook, taken much to soon...you are missed.",
Lisa Donnarumma $50 "I was recently named in the fresh water challenge, my choice was to jump in fresh water or make a donation. I chose to make a donation in memory of Tyler Ford. : )",
Petra Ford $40 "From the Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club, Inc. in memory of Casey La Furge",
Petra Ford $60
Petra Ford $45 "Donations made in memory of Tyler.",
Petra Ford $245 "Donations raised from fundraisers held at in early Feb 2014 in honor of Tyler and all dogs affected by cancer.",
Top Dog Obedience School $100 "In Memory of Casey LaFurge and Tyler",
Susan O'Donnell $50 "Heartfelt prayers for a cure--Tyler's legacy will live on.",
Paula Elson $50 "In memory of my own that we've lost to cancer, Ice and Cheeta. You are both so incredibly missed.",
Petra Ford $1505 "Donations raised from fundraisers held at the end of Jan and early Feb 2014 in honor of Tyler and all dogs affected by cancer.",
Deborah Salerno $185
Petra Ford $5864 "Donations raised from Jan 25, 2014 fundraiser and Jan 26, 2014 Facebook Silent Auction in honor of Tyler and all dogs affected by cancer.",
Petra Ford $1015 "Donations raised from Jan 1 - 20, 2014 in honor of Tyler and all dogs affected by cancer.",
anonymous $25
Joanne O'Brien $50 "In Memory of Tyler. We will always treasure the memories Tyler left in our hearts forever.",
Kathy Hetfield & Allen Cappuccio $50 "In Memory of Tyler. From Ally in Honor of her Dad Tyler.",
Rudelle A. Kerestes $50 "In Memory of Tyler and all Heart Dogs! Thank you for making this possible!",
Susan Bricker $150 "In memory of Petra's Tyler and our dear Max and all the other dogs who have places in our hearts.",
Laura Williams $105 "A winner of Auction Item #16. In memory of Tyler and my two black labs Abercrombie and Zoe. Hoping to help put an end to canine cancer.",
anonymous $500
Cathleen Brooks $190 "On line auction for photo session with M. Nicole Fischer. Too many dogs gone too soon!",
Laura Romanik $25 "In memory of the beautiful team that was Tyler and Petra. You inspired me with both your talents, and your gentle and gracious natures.",
Mimi McGowan $25
Jill Whorl $125 "Thank you to all those who made this event possible. Auction item #12 rounded up.",
Kathy Walker $50
Judy B Linker $110 "In loving memory of Gussie and Oliver, and all of the beautiful dogs who left us too soon.",
Joyce Smuda $50 "This is my payment for an item I won at Auction ( plus a few extra dollars ). Life is too short for all of us and no one should lose a friend early.",
Hollis McGuire $105 "Auction Item #16 co-winner! For Tyler, and my first heart dog Tinker",
Bob Fullum $75 "This donation is for the item I won on the FaceBook auction. I will think of Ty every time Zorro wears this great looking lead when showing. I am so please to be part of such a momentous event and equally happy to meet more of our Labrador family.",
Dawn Fillips $40 "For Tyler and every dog lost to cancer, we love you and miss you all",
Dawn Fillips $40 "For Tyler and every dog lost to cancer, we love you and miss you all",
Denise Whitfield $100 "This is actually a donation from Nancy Augustine Whelan in memory of Tyler and her own Brody, a fabulous Rough Collie. Nancy is recovering from a car crash last week and can't post this herself. But her heart is in this fund raiser after losing her Brody weeks before his first Utility show. Brody always attracted a crowd to watch his humorous antics and fabulous precision. He was ranked in the top ten obedience Collies, collected numerous All Breed class firsts and High In Trial. Brody was known for his breathtaking heelwork. He was a dear dog with a great sense of humor. Forever in our hearts Bro.",
Kathleen Krzysko $100 "In loving memory of Tyler, my Shane, and Justice, and all our beloved dogs lost to cancer.",
Teresa Walker $110 "Online auction item #9. In memory of Tyler and the Walker dogs who lost their battles with cancer; Einstein, Gambler, Leo, Fire, Buzz, Justine, Buddy, Elmer, Oscar, Crunch and Dancer.",
Denise Whitfield $250 "Hoping this will draw us closer to finding the cure. In loving memory of Tyler, Lori Arnold's Jessie, Nancy Augustine Whelan's Brody and far too many others to name here. Ever hopeful. Standing ovation to all the canine lovers making this fund raising a priority in their lives. Salute to Petra Ford, Linda Brennan, Betsy Scapicchio & Cathy Brooks for your tireless effort.",
anonymous $105
Cindy Galster $100 "Let's reach 1st place for a great cause and team "Petra & Tyler".",
Ann Smorado $300 "In memory of Roadie, Tyler, Maddie, Caleb, Andie and all those whose names I can't think of now. I know that my dear friend Linda's Roadie taught Miles to bark at squirrels up a tree. She lost Roadie to cancer. She later got a Karma. Miles taught Karma to bark at squirrels up a tree. Every time Karma trees a squirrel, we think of Roadie. Thank you, Tyler, for helping to keep that memory alive.",
Kerry Allison $75 "Online auction item. Looking forward to using the gear bag for my new puppy later this year. Dog people are the best! Amazing fundraising!",
Bonnie Rubin $150 "I added a little extra.",
Audrey Kaplonski $210 "In memory of so many dogs lost way to soon.",
Barbara Andrews $75 "For the audition + $25 in memory of Tyler, Lexa and Emma!!",
Leslie Sweet $50 "In honor of Petra's "Tyler" and my heart dog "Moguls. And all the other beautiful furkids who made up that beautiful video that Linda Brennan put together for the event. Comeon' Lets all get Tyler's page where he belongs..in first place!!! And put an end to canine cancer once and for all!",
Marcia Bresson $50 "For my online auction item. Let's kick this cancer to the curb!!",
Betty DeHart $50 "Miss you Tyler.",
Debra Roseman $106 "Thanks for the AWESOME effort in everything you did in memory of Tyler...",
Sue and Nick Peppes $190 "Amazing fundraising efforts. Looking forward to a consultation with Petra for my Jack!",
Bill Tilstra $50 "Good work yous guys",
Fran Feldstein Culler $50 "In loving memory of the incredible Tyler and Rand (lost one day shy of 13), Skip (lost at age 7), and Jiffy (lost at age 6 to acute hemolytic anemia). You, and all other beloved dogs who were gone far too soon for whatever reason, gave us the gifts of pure joy, incredible happiness, and unconditional love. I wish you all could live forever.",
jane haynes $100 "I am pleased to honor the wonderful Tyler who represented the devotion, intelligence, and joy of the Labrador Retriever. My donation is in his memory and in memory of our beautiful Labrador Ada who died of cancer way too soon in June 2013. I pray that their untimely deaths will lead to some cancer prevention and healing for other dogs.",
Barbara LaFurge $150
Tatiana Nagro $540
lori Miller $120
anonymous $800
andrae acerra $160 "Tyler you were a wonderful dog and we are so glad to have known you. In loving memory of Fred and SEW",
Ellen Halperin $50 "Petra I am so sorry you have suffered such a loss. What an amazing dog Tyler was. This donation is for Tyler's and my beautiful boy Weaver's memory. Weaver lost his battle at 5 1/2 years old. I miss you everyday buddy.....",
Lee Clark $50 "Who could not have loved watching Tyler in the ring? The fact that such a big guy could move with such precision always amazed me, and his happiness to be working always made me smile. Cancer has touched so many of us -- has torn our lives apart -- but we must keep fighting it. For Tyler, for my own Jasper, and for so many others.",
Cathy Hivner $25 "In memory of Tyler, Miss Piggy, Ryder, and Brielle",
Mike Heaner $500 "We miss our special Tyler and all the other beloved dogs lost too soon to cancer including our Max, Betty and Ike. Love Mike and David",
Peggy Gibbon $50 "In honor of Tyler, an amazing dog, and my Sky, who could amaze me in his own way, and my sweet Travis with hope to keep the next longer!",
Leslie Sweet $100 ""I make this donation in honor of Petra's Tyler and my soul dog, Moguls, who I miss everyday and was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was a wonderful Maltese. My first dog. Sweet and kind. Moguls was a pet, never formally trained, but knew basic obedience and understood everything. He never left my side. Sadly after he was diagnosed we only had him for 4 weeks. I cancelled my life to be with him every second until I had to say good bye on his 13th birthday."",
Deb Martin $50 "From Joel and Deb in loving memory of our beautiful Lucy.",
Stephen & Anita Friars $200 "In honor of Tyler, Teddy and Russell. They remain in our hearts.",
lori miller $100
Molly Sumner $50 "It's never long enough _3 Much love from Molly, Sam, the Shibas and our NGSD.",
Lesley St Pierre $100 "In memory of the amazing Tyler and also my sweet Doberman Harvey, who was lost too young to both Hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.",
Susan Pepe $50
Kerry Allison $50 "In memory of Petra's "Tyler", and our golden girl "Chelsea" who we lost to osteosarcoma.",
Alicia Mangels $250 "& for our gang that were lost, not only to cancer, but all canine diseases. Casey, Bunny, Augie, Trapper & Zeke",
Linda Groff $50 "In honor of Tyler, and in memory of my black Lab Tucker who loved agility, and my heart dog Molly the rescue PWD who I lost just before Christmas to hemangiosarcoma.",
alex feeney $200
anonymous $100
Jeannine Rash $40 "I'm so tired of seeing my friends lose young dogs to cancer. I hope we can all make a difference.",
Helen Smith $50 "Petra... you started it in memory of your wonderful Tyler but it will benefit all that have lost part of their hearts to this terrible cancer.",
Barbara Sroka $200 "In honor of Tyler, who with Petra, formed a remarkable team that implanted an indelible mark on so many of the sacredness of the bond between a dog and his human and the greatness that's possible. And, my own precious Golden, Casey, that was at the heart of our family when my children were young and died after a cancerous mass was removed from her spleen, and my dear PWD, Magpie, who I lost last year from a rare liver cancer.",
Minta (Mike) Williquette $50
Leslie & Faith Curtis $20 "In honor of Tyler and in memory of my Bullet who also was taken by cancer much to soon. They have left paw prints on our hearts forever. Hugs from Faith!",
Eric Robertson $100 "From Jake and Toby, though they had trouble understanding the abstract of digital currency.",
Marian Sylvester $25 "In loving memory of all dogs",
Hollis McGuire $50
Dot Dokey $100 "I am so sorry to hear about Tyler.",
dolores covert $50 "In memory of all the loyal pets we have lost.",
Rudelle A. Kerestes $50 ""In Memory of Tyler and all Heart dogs loved and lost! "",
Rudelle A. Kerestes $50 ""In Memory of Tyler and all Heart dogs loved and lost! "",
Lori Arnold $100 "Petra, thank you for honoring Tyler by supporting canine cancer research. So many of us have been impacted by this devastating disease and I pray that a cure can be found soon. In memory of my first two Goldens, Jessie and Keeper who were both taken far too soon by cancer.",
Ann Smorado $100 "I wish I could be at the fundraiser in person. Tyler was a wonderful dog, taken way too soon.",
Barbara Carlson $500 "From Henry in Memory of his Dad...gone way too soon",
Michele Shockley $50 "In memory of Tyler and all the dogs we have loved and lost too soon to cancer. Hughie, Preston and Ruger are in my thoughts too.",
Bridget Carlsen $50 "Tyler is one of the greatest dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing. Not only an accomplished obedience dog..but slso an AMAZING field dog.. derby list, QAA, MH.. Much respect Bridget",
John Cavanaugh $500
Sue & Nick Peppes $100 "In Memory of Tyler",
Petra Ford $450 "From checks collected through fundraising efforts in 2013. Thank you!",
Diane Kramer $100 ""In memory of Tyler and my heart dog, my beloved Luka. We lost him just before Thanksgiving to hemangiosarcoma. Let's find a cure to this horrible disease that takes our dogs way too soon!"",
nikki , Sue and Otis tongg $50 "In Memory of handsome Tyler. Always greeted us with so much love and sweetness at Otis' rehab appointments. XOXO",
Bonnie Rubin $50 "In Memory of Tyler",
anonymous $50
JUNE GOLDEN $50 "Only too grateful to be able to support Petra's Tyler, a B&BTD therapy dog.",
Gail Greiner Wojciechowski $150 "In memory of my labrador Nala & in honor of Shadow who has survived cancer twice.",
Patricia Heller $25 "In memory of the athletic, precise team of Tyler and Petra! May the cure be found!",
Monica Stathers $25 "In memory of Tyler and also Tia, my heart dog. Gone but NEVER forgotten.0",
Inga Hooper $100
Cathleen Brooks $200 "In memory of Tyler and Linda Brennan's Maddie. Awesome dogs gone too soon!!",
Mimi Brome $1000
Bob and Pam Blackstone $100 "In memory of Tyler, and my Becky and Sooner.",
Kimberly Ward $50 "In memory of Petra's Tyler and my heart dog Orion who I lost in August to Lymphoma.",
Barbara Burri $50 "Watching you and Tyler in the ring was inspirational. His memory lives on.",
Christy Dyke $50 "My deepest sympathies Petra, Tyler will never be forgotten. Hugs.",
kristine conway $500 "Tyler left behind a legacy that can't be dampened by cancer! He's up there cheering us on with Schotzie,Maggie,Sagan and Seabreeze. HUGS!!!!!! and prayers for a cure.",
Bob & Roseann, Hershey & Zorro Fullum $150 "Petra, I hope that Zaidan & Zeal help you through those difficult days. If they are anything like Zorro, they would all make great therapy dogs. I sure hope you reach your goal and beyond for The National Canine Cancer Foundation in Tyler's honor. Bob",
Jean Owen $100 "Petra it was watching you and Tyler work that made me want to be a better partner to my own dog. I am so sorry for you loss but thank you for creating this event to help others.",
Marcia Bresson $50 "In memory of Tyler, and my Gracie.",
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