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The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
Chris MacDonald $250 "Event donation",
GSROC Club $150 "Event donation",
Mrs. Heeschen and Friends $140 "Event donation",
City Roofing $100 "Event donation",
Jennifer Kroger $100 "Event donation",
Jennifer Kroger $100 "Event donation",
Erin Sanders $80 "Event donation",
Erin Rodenbaugh $70 "Event donation",
Lee and Becky Barone $50 "Event Donation",
Glenn and Gerene Fuller $50 "Event donation",
Edward and Sally Rose $50 "Event donation",
Chris Reade $50 "Event donation",
Sue Daulton $50 "Event donation",
Irene Grannon $50 "Event donation",
Laura and Paul Wang $40 "Event donation",
Pam Smith $40 "Event donation",
Shana Aphessetche $40 "Event Donation",
Elizabeth Aphessetche $40 "Event donation",
Helen Evers $30 "Event donation",
Arlene Ingram $30 "Event donation",
Tiffany Samoff $30 "Event donation",
Joan Wise $25 "Event Donation",
James and Stacey Country $25 "Event Donation",
Susan Jones $25 "event donation",
Sherry Kenachu $25 "Event Donation",
Darcy Robson $25 "event donation",
Simon and Linda Dwyer $25 "Event donation",
Cherry Chen $25 "Event donation",
Cindy Chien $25 "Event donation",
Frank and Leslie Hanrahan $20 "Event donation",
Debbie Simons $20 "Event donation",
Mike and Tracy Parks $20 "Event Donation",
Gordon Kindig $20 "event donation",
Vicki Eary $20 "Event donation",
Donna Dennison $20 "Event donation",
Daniela Vazquez $20 "Event donation",
Claire Vinet $20 "Event donation",
Joe Maehler $20 "event donation",
Kim Gout $20 "Event donation",
Julie and Pete Heyward $20 "Event donation",
Beverly Brewster $20 "Event donation",
Samantha Siegal $20 "Event donation",
Terri Gault $20 "Event donation",
Mary Beth Gram $20 "Event donation",
Uzi Daniel $20 "event donation",
Colette and Andrew May $20 "event donation",
Kim Wachonski $20 "Event donation",
Marcy Clark $20 "Event donation",
Deborah Sade $20 "Event donation",
Heidi Hekman $20 "Event donation",
Danielle Juleff $15 "Event donation",
Danielle Juleff $15 "Event donation",
Gordon Reel $10 "Event donation",
Debbie Wagers $10 "event donation",
Lauren Mecca $10 "Event donation",
Kelly A. $10 "Event donation",
Lauren Roll $10 "Event donation",
Lee O'Rourke $10 "Event Donation",
Amy Malone $10 "Event Donation",
Joe D. Robertson $10 "Event Donation",
Christopher Cargo $10 "Event donation",
Jamie Rowe $10 "Event Donation",
Daisy Loryne (GSROC) $10 "Event donation",
Bryana Golden $10 "Event donation",
Mike Rotter $10 "Event Donation",
Cindy Rotter $10 "Event donation",
Steve Herman $10 "Event donation",
Jackie Landsman $10 "Donation made at event",
Tina Olveros $10 "Donation made at event",
Ty Muir $10 "donation at event",
Jeremy Morrow $10 "donation at event",
Marisol Morrow $10 "donation made at event",
Anna Palma $10 "donation made at event",
Lori Eckman $10 "donation at event",
Judy Becker $10 "Donation at event",
Mary Bavry $10 "Donation at event",
Marianne Echols $30 "I too know what it's like to lose a furry loved one to cancer. My beloved Rottweiler, Turbo, lost his life to cancer in May 2007. The diagnosis was sudden, unexpected and tore a piece of my heart out.",
Jennie Liu $30 "I'm so sorry about Si. I was truly touched when I read your story on KTLA.",
Celeste Gale $25 "I am so sorry about Si. This is a great thing you are doing for those that cant speak for themselves.",
Phyllis Parra $20 "Joe (and family), you're an inspiration to humankind. I'm sorry to hear about Si, but you're doing a great thing to help others not experience the same pain you've felt.",
Greg Zowada $20 "This is a wonderful cause! Please find comfort in the Rainbow Bridge. If you haven't heard of it, please Google it and discover the peace it will bring....",
Cindy Prothro $20 "Pets are our best friends, their devotion is unconditional. It's good to see that devotion returned in such a tremendous way. Good luck Joe",
Michael O'Neill $30 "With three dogs of our own, we know how important they are as family members. Although your loss is painful, we admire your willingness to help find a cure for canine cancer. Good luck in your endeavour.",
Christopher Buehrer $25 "Good luck Joe. You're doing a great thing! Sincerely, Chris",
Haresh Makwana $25 "I read your story on KTLA's website and Joe you are an inspiration for the youth in this country.",
L. James Donovan $25 "Way to go Joe! You're doing a great thing. I'm sure Si is really happy about it.",
susan marshall $100 "We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved Si. We understand how you feel because our Angel lost her battle with lung cancer in October. You are an amazing young man. Thank you for making a difference in the fight against canine cancer. Susan and Tom Marshall",
The Kimme Family $50 "We are looking forward to sharing this day with everyone! What a great way to remember and honor Si.",
Jennifer Bench $30 "We think this is a great way to spend our day!",
BethAnn Arko $50 "We are touched by your story. We too have been blessed by our animal family members. What a wonderful way to honor Si. He must be wagging his tail up in heaven. We hope to be there on Sunday in person, but if not, we will be there in spirit.",
Jane Weed $25 "What an inspiration that you are taking action in memory of Si...Good luck and God Bless you.",
MARILYN PANNELL $50 "Sunday March 6 is my birthday, and although I won't be able to attend your fundraiser, I can't think of a better present for me than to give to your cause. Joe, you are a thoughtful and compassionate young man, and I understand how you feel for your dear friend. I have a 9 yr old Shepherd named Bella and she has the exact same markings as your beloved Si. I wish you and your family great success at the fundraiser.",
Michael Seaver $30 "Si was as loved as our Lucy. You are very compassionate to want to help others. People with dogs usually learn unconditional love from them!",
Denise and Chanele Cook $10 "Dogs are miracles with paws:)",
Rhonda Church-Peterson $25 "Hope your fund raiser explodes with donations!!! Good Job Joe!",
The Smithson's $25
Jill Henderson $25
Louise Jollyman $25
Jennifer Balalis $50 "We are so proud of you Joe!",
Alina Clougherty $10 "Great idea and I hope you exceed your goal. I was touched by the story and plan to attend on Sunday.",
Michael Martin $30 "Best of luck-we hope you reach your goal. I'll be taking Prudence for a walk out on our frozen lake, thinking of you guys",
Shannon Schofield $40 "I'm very sorry for the loss of your dog, but this is a very fitting tribute. Good luck reaching your goals!",
natalee burdick $10 "Thank you for doing this! My husband lost his dog from lymphoma as well. I wish you all the luck.. keep going strong! natalee burdick "In Memory of Brindlelion"",
Jennifer Halasi $50 "Much luck and love to you! I lost my sweet GS, Buddha to this as well and know how bad it hurts :( This is such a great thing you are doing!",
Noreen Furubayashi $10 "I hope you will find peace knowing that there are many who share in your sorrow. Si, knew that he was loved and I hope that comforts you. See you on Sunday! A volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, California.",
German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County $50 "To the family of Si, we hope that it comforts you to know that Si had the home of his dreams during his time with you. He knew that he was treasured as a true family member. We know what a huge hole in your heart this loss has left, but we hope that some day you will honor Si's memory by adopting another shepherd that deserves a family as wonderful as yours. Our sympathies on your loss.",
David Baker $60 "Beth and I lost our first dog Max to lymphoma before the kid's came along. Can feel you loss Joe. Though we can't join your walk in CA, we will take our dog Hunter on a walk in Switzerland Sunday to support you. Here is our entry fee for walking with you from a distance. Good Luck!!",
Merideth Fleener $10 "What a great thing you are doing!!!!!",
Tony Hippert $50 "Joe. My heart goes out to you. My wife and I recently lost our little dachshound,Victor, to stomach cancer on 2/17/11. He had just turned 8. He was a joy and a blessing as I'm sure Si was to you. Our deepest sympathys on your loss. The Hippert's",
Diane Scioli $25 "Joe, you'll see Si again someday. In the meantime I'm sure he's very proud of what you are doing to honor him. I'll see ya at the Bark-a-Thon! What: Bark-A-Thon fundraiser walk to support canine cancer research Where: Back Bay Nature Reserve parking lot, 2301 University Drive When: 10 a.m. to noon, March 6 Cost: $10 per person minimum donation",
The Ted Stiles Family $10 "Hey Fullers, Much love and support from your cousins in Iowa!",
Leann Donovan1 $25 "I'm so proud of you Joe!!! I know Si is proud of you too! I'm posting this on my FB page to help spread the word. XO",
Steve and Kelly Glass $25 "Your story touched my heart.",
Mike Rasch $100 "This story definately struck home. Having recently lost my buddy, Maverick, to cancer I definately understand the pain and sorrow that is felt. It not only affected my family but as well as Mavericks brother whom still greatly misses him. I think what you are doing is great and I look forward to the walk on March 6th.",
Corky Beardsley $25 "We are so sorry for the devastating loss of your beautiful boy Si...we have two beautiful Goldies & a kitty who we cannot love more...we support this wonderfully worthy cause. Bless you all and bless your boy who has crossed Rainbow Bridge. Corky & Bruce Beardsley + Savannah(10), Cruiser(5), and Niki, too (17)!",
Laura Stevenson $50
Deb Light $25
Merry Erickson $10 "I'm sorry about the loss of your dog Si. I lost my first dog Jada when I was a young girl of cancer also. I am going to be in Colorado that weekend otherwise I would be joining you with my two dogs and walking. Good luck and thanks for all you're doing. I wish I could give you lots more! Merry",
Greg Encke $25
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