About the NCCF:

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
AdriaAnn Hash $250 "In Loving Memory of Sydney from DogVacay.com",
Tish Grabar $90 "Bark for Life Fundraiser",
Roxana Brusso $25 "Rest in Peace Sydney",
Teresa Rhyne $50 "Donation from sales of "The Dog Lived (and So Will I)" book. Happy to help!",
Bijan Dior $50 "Hope this helps in finding a cure. Luv, Bijan Dior - Woof!",
Janet Hermann $25 "Honoring Sydney's memory at the Pet Expo",
julie johnstone $300 "In Memory of Sydney from Dakota Johnstone",
Joan B. Scheinberg $43 "In memory of Sydney to honor Jim Scheinberg(Daddy)on his 43rd B-Day. Love, Mom & Dad",
Rosemarie & Amir Moon $50 "My dog, Sydnee, was diagnosed with Cancer early this year. After a year of treatment she is in remission thanks to people like you and the Canine Cancer Foundation. I am so happy you had the joy of having so many years with your Sydney. Dogs truly are a blessing.",
Masako Yamamoto $50 "I recently learned about your page and organization. Approximately 4 years ago, I lost my Shiba Inu, "Princess" to rectal cancer. She gave me 15 wonderful years. I still miss her dearly.",
David Lam $150 "Thank you for saving Hiro. We are forever grateful. Happy birthday Sydney :)",
Dr. Shane Veterinary $13 ""Happy Bithday Sydney"",
SAMANTHA SPURGEON $50 "Your story truly touched my heart. I know what it is like to loose such a gift - and I truly wish you success in your mission to raise a lot more funds.",
Dr. Shane Veterinary $25 "Thinking of you Sydney...as we continue to raise money in your honor.",
Sit 'N' Stay Bakery $42 "Sit N Stay Bakery will continue to donate proceeds from their dog treats to the NCCF in Sydney's honor. She was a special girl and will always be remembered.",
Lisa Johnstone $30 "In honor of Sydney on your birthday.",
Computer Geeks $12
Dr. Shane Veterinary $13 "In Sydney's honor...we are a little closer.",
Tish Grabar $75 "It is so difficult to believe on this day one year ago we were forced to say goodbye. Our time was cut short and I pray for answers daily to help me find sense in it all. You were my heart Sydney and you left a very big pawprint on mine. I love you more than you could ever know. I believe by you coming to me, you gave me a gift of helping me to become who I am today - a selfless dog lover who wants to give so many dogs another chance at happiness through rescue. The LA Chapter of the NCCF was started in your honor and my vow to do everything I can to assist in finding a cure. You have an amazing Legacy my sweet Poo and this all comes from you. I wish I could bring you back but you are with me in everything I do. I love you Sydney and Mommy is sending hugs abd kisses your way!",
North Pier Fiduciary Management Scheinberg $25 "Hope you are enjoying your 'independence' Syd! Dad misses you!!!",
Christine Meneses $20 "I memory of Sydney.",
Tish Grabar $50 "Happy Birthday my Sweet Sydney Poo...Hoping you are making lots of friends, visiting formers friends and chasing squirrels at the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you on your 10th B-day. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and wish you were here with me. I am working hard at raising money for other dogs in order to find a cure for this terrible disease that took you from me. Happy Birthday Poo! Love, Mommy",
Henry & Cathy Behrens $25 "In memory of Sydney and her Mom's determination to find a cure for this terrible disease. We miss you Sydney.",
Dr. Shane Veterinary $20 "In Sydney's memory we continue to raise money for a cure. We all need to work together.",
U Shampooch Salon $10 "Continuing the search for a cure in memory of Sydney",
Net Tech Computer $25 "We love you and miss you Sydney....we will continue to raise awareness in your honor",
Beverly Lau $10 "Sydney-If you see Lucky up there Please tell him I miss him so much! http://www.wearethecure.org/friends/luckyiloveyou",
Indi Lab Rescue $20 "Merry Christmas Sydney...you are in are thoughts,",
Dr. Shane Veterinary $25 ""We will continue to fight on to find a cure"",
Staffing Stars $150 "This donation is made in honor of Ron Hendrixson and his thoughfulness. During Sydney's 9 years he was a special part of her life as she always loved going to Uncle Ron's house.",
U Shampooch Pet Wash $12 "In honor of Sydney and all the other amazing pets we will continue to raise funds and awareness.",
Dr. Shane Veterinary $62 "Sydney, you are truly missed by everyone and we will continue to raise money in your honor to help find a cure.",
Net Tech Computers $19
Indi Lab Rescue $20 "Sydney you will always be with your Mommy and now she is doing wonderful things to help find other Labs great and loving homes.",
Computer Geeks $21 "In Sydney's memory, we will continue to raise awareness - The Computer Geeks",
Tish Grabar $50 ""Sydney, thank you for 9 wonderful years that we have shared together. I love you more than I ever imagined and you will always be with me/us. I do believe you have wings Sydney - so fly on peacefully into the next life where I know you will do amazing things. Please continue to visit us and send messages as we will be waiting and watching to hear from you." Love you always and forever, Mommy, David & Davinci",
Shannon & Sevannah Ullo $25 "Sydney, you are in our prayers.",
Johhny Minelli $25 "In memory of Laura Uwanawich Love, Johnny O",
Cindy Dempsey Irwin $25 "Big hugs and prayers of healing for Syd!",
Henry and Cathy Behrens $50 "In celebration of Sydney's life. We know how much she means to everyone.",
Michael Scheinberg $35
Jen Schaefer $25 "go Syd go! xoxo",
Jim Scheinberg $160 "Sydney, I always pictured you smiling up at me on your Sweet Sixteen Birthday. Here's $10 for every year of that goal. I believe in you; you can still make it. Your daddy loves you more than he ever could have imagined. Thank you for nine wonderful years...and counting. And thank all of Sydney's friends for your generous contributions in her honor. With your help, we are one step closer to finding a cure for Sydney and all that battle this fierce disease.",
Elaine Gower $20 "So happy that she is happier too...",
anonymous $25 "We are thinking only positive thoughts!!",
Brant Griffin $100 "Happy Birthday Sydney! To one of the best puppies ever!",
Tish Grabar $25 "Happy Birthday my sweet girl. These past 8 months you have fought with such courage and determination and we are so happy that you are still with us. We love you so much. Luv, Mommy",
Yaroz Avila $10 "I hope this helps. I'm in a really tight budget wish I can give more. Best wishes.",
Deanna Gerber $50 "I send Sydney my hugs and hopes for a very quick recovery. Deanna",
Michelle Salazar $20 "Get well soon Sydney!",
David Drake $25 "Sydney we love you. You've been fighting this thing hard! You've done a great job. Lets find a cure for this!",
Ziba Alizadeh $25 "Tish - I know Sydney girl is strong and she will hang in there!!! I have you both in my prayers.",
Tish Grabar $20 "I love you so much and need you to get better so we can share treats and play ball. Please get better big Sis. Luv, DaVinci",
Doug Wood $50
Veronica Orozco $25 "I love you so much Syd. My prayers are with you everyday that you recover soon and back to your spunky spirit and active lifestyle.",
James Bohan $25 "We love you Sydney, get well soon! Much Love, James and Kodi",
Louis Kaplan $25
Dean & Joanne Bigler $50 "We are praying for Sydney's recovery.",
Geoffrey & Alexandra Stewart $100 "Sydney is in our hearts and prayers",
Cathy Cook $25 "Fight on Sydney!",
anonymous $200
anonymous $50 "Hope this will help. I will keep her in my prayers. Rick",
Joan Scheinberg $50 "in honor of Sydney on Jim's birthday",
Jeff Frederick $25
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