About the NCCF:

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a nationwide, contribution funded, 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem in dogs by funding grants for the scientific efforts of cancer researchers who are working to save lives, find a cure, find better treatments, find more accurate, cost effective, diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs’ suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service.


Donations & Comments

Donor Amount Comment
emerald cromwell $465 "Spiro's Dogwalk for the Cure 2014...thanks for all that supported!! We love and miss you Jack!",
Patricia Taylor $30 "Way to go Spiro!",
Caliope Karakoudas $15 "I love you, Spiro. Very proud of you. I know your grandfather would be, too.",
Helen Karakoudas Redfern $125 "Bravo, Spiro.",
Dave Cromwell $100 "We lost our Jake to Cancer.",
Frankie Thomas $25 "Spiro, I'm so proud of your determination to find a cure & to help dogs. I know you had a very ill dog & because of that you began your journey. Keep up your community service. I'm sending all my love to you & family. Hope to see you when Joseph is born. xoxo. Aunt Frankie",
Anna and Christ Hatzilias $20 "Good job Spiro! Love your Godparents",
A Dogwalk for The Cure Gulfports Get Rescued $465 "Spiro's Second annual A Dogwalk for a Cure event! Thank you to everybody that came out and supported us! We will see you next year!",
Kate Kendrick $25 "Jack is watching over you Spiro, and loving what you are doing for other dogs that have cancer. You are awesome, best of luck with reaching your goal! From, Kate",
Desmond Murphy $100 "Spiro, Shania and I will be there to support your noble efforts. You are a great young man!",
Paddy Adamek $25 "In memory of Jack and in honor of Duncan. Great job Spiro! You are Awesome~",
emerald cromwell $28 "To Jack. In memory of our little buddy that put up one hell of a fight! Thank you for the past 9 years, we love you so much and will always carry you with us in our hearts.",
Get Rescued Dog Walk $347 "Get Rescued Dog Walk! Gulfport FL",
a Dogwalk for the Cure 2/19/11 $665 "Great event!!! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us!",
Holly Jones $100 "Good luck Spiro. I hope you make your goal!",
deborah grabler $25 "Spiro, great cause, great job!",
Donna Moore $20 "Great job. I saw the piece they did on the news, my heart goes out to you. I love my Jack Russell, he is my best friend. God bless.",
Susan Schneider $25 "Gool Luck! We lost our Golden Retriever "Lilly" to cancer about 3 years ago.",
Giavanna Pinto-Campana $20 "Good Luck, God Bless you!",
Thomas Roberts $25
John Cromwell $20 "Way to GO SPIRO!! We are all very proud of you! See you at the dog walk.",
Cathy Love $20 "Dear Spiro and Family, You are working and contributing to a wonderful cause, albeit a little know one! Thank you for shining light on an important issue affecting our best friends who are so full of unconditional love. You are awesome! Sincerely, Cathy Love",
Susan Buerkel $20 "Good work Spiro!",
ann maguire $25 "Thank you Spiro for doing this. Ann & Harriet",
stephen magliocco $25
M. Carroll $5
Janette Gaunt $30 "What a great cause! Good job, Spiro!",
Sonal and Matt Schneider $25 "Great idea Spiro!!! Proud of you, good luck!",
Kenneth Freed $100 "GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR WALK!!!!",
Kristen Overland $5
Karen Hodgen $25 "wonderful cause! We love our pets.",
Donna Di Massa $20 "Good luck with your project, Spiro. You're going a wonderful thing!",
elana jaglowski $20 "go spiro go!! put your paws up!",
jitka karakoudas $50 "To a good friend Jack. Good job Spiro! Benny, Max and Baba are proud of you.",
Michael Bonotto $25 "Good Luck Spiro, we have a dog (Gizmo) an AmStaff, going through the same thing now.",
Jeanne Ayers $25 "Great job! In memory of my 2 beloved Whippets (Tyler & Emma) both lost to cancer. Keep up your meaningful acts of generosity and kindness.",
Cathy Levens $25 "Great Job! Don't ever stop doing projects like this as long as you live!",
Justine Zamback $25 "So sorry to hear about your puppy. It's heroes like you though, that will help more dogs lead longer, healthier lives for their families in the future. I learned about what you are doing from your Aunt Kim's facebook page. She is very proud of you and I can see why. I, too, am a proud Aunt. You remind me of my 10 year old nephew, Mason, who is also a kind and generous person. Thank you for helping out such a good cause.",
Warren & Janice Feeley $5 "Great job, Spiro!",
Dottie Hook $20 "Very good cause, Spiro.",
Daniel Cromwell $20 "To a good dog, and the worlds greatest nephew. Good job Spiro",
Jennifer Hook $40 "Good job Spiro!",
Molly Jager $20 "Great job, Spiro! All our best to Jack. Good luck ~ love, Molly",
David Cromwell $50 "Lost my Jake to liver cancer last June. 12 tr old Bichon.",
Teresa Cromwell $50 "Great job, Spiro! We're proud of you too!",
Robert Cromwell $50 "Good idea, Spiro. We're proud of you.",
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